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Male escort service is the most demanding job in India where thousands of men are trying to get this job. Due to an increase in demand of male companions in between women, most of the organizers provide male escort services. Competing with other companies NightlifeClub is one of the most reputed and demanding organizations in India. Everyday hundreds of high profile women come to our site seeking male companions. We recommend them to our most well trained professional gigolos. We are hiring male escorts, call boys for part time jobs where they can easily work on flexible hours. But before joining as a male companion one must have to know some guidelines which are listed below;

  • Must be educated to read and write well with knowledge of English, Hindi along with local language.
  • Candidates should be well mannered and have a good sense of dressing style.
  • Able to analysis the clients requirements and needs.
  • Always maintain a healthy with good physic and hygienic lifestyle.
  • Know how to be a good communicator for more clients.

Earn Money And Luxurious Life

Easy way to make money within short period of time to get in to high profile life forever.

There is  no other way than to become a male escort as rich women always seek male escort.

Simple job is to make comfortable women and satisfy their ultimate urge of physical craving.

Anyone can register themselves with paying nominal amount of money for successful registration.

Procedure To Join As A Male Escort

Male escort is very exotic job for youth. In India there are many ways to enter into this profession but there are some procedures to follow for connecting with our organization. Main aspects for joining our company given below.

  • First of all fill up the form with your original details.
  • After checking all the personal details click on the submit button.
  • We will review and maybe call you after getting your form for verification purposes.
  • Discuss with you your preferable location of availability.
  • After Completing your profile verification, start getting clients.

This is the very simple registration process where you need to give your details only. NightlifeClub provides male escort jobs all over the city of India where one can easily join in their preferred location. We always try to make good communication between our professionals and clients so that there will be no misconceptions.

Process To Become A Male Escort In India

  1. Click the Join Now button to register as a Playboy in India.
  2. Fill out all your details in the registration from.
  3. Verify your profile by using email verification link
  4. Upload atleast 5-6 Photo in your profile
  5. Contact our agent and share your ID card (adhar, voter id, passport, driving liecence etc.
  6. Pay registration fee. (i.e Rs5550 for silver, Rs11550 for golden, Rs22550 for diamond)
  7. Once we activate your profile clients can see your profile and contact details and they will contact you directly.
  8. You can also contact our agents for any help.
  1. Contact our customer care and talk to the local agent of your city.
  2. Share your information (line name,email,phone,location,height,weight etc) by test sms or whatsapp.
  3. Once you are approved for joining you have to share your ID card (adhar, voter id, passport, driving liecence etc) for verification.
  4. After verification of profile you have pay the registration fee. ((i.e Rs5550 for silver, Rs11550 for golden, Rs22550 for diamond)
  5. After successful registration we will provide you our ID card and membership no.
  6. Then our agents will arrange meetings for you and you have to those meeting.

How do I join Male Escort Service?


Compulsory requirement

  1. Age should be between 21yrs to 45 yrs.
  2. Height should be between 5’5”ft. to 6.5”ft.
  3. Weight should be between 60kgs. to 95 kgs.
  4. Candidate should be well groomed and fit.
  5. Candidate should be medically clean and free from and contagious diseases.

Optional   requirement

  1. Candidate should know English and Local language.
  2. Candidate should be well mannered.
  3. Candidate has to dressed up in occasions.
  4. Candidate needs to be clean and hygienic.
  5. Candidate must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

You should not reach late or come back before the time.

You should not ask for tips or any gifts from the client.

You should not ask the client to book a taxi or flight for you.

You should not disclose client’s personal information to anyone.

You need to be very respectful and caring to the client.

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Register For Male Escort Services

Fill The Above Form With Registered Phone Number!

Pay the Registration Fees For Services You Want!

Verify Your Profile By Using The Email & Fresh Photo

Now Wait For The Call From Our Executive

How can a woman find a Male Escort?

Women use male escort services for both sexual and non sexual purposes. It’s mostly sexual than non sexual. This trend is however more common among the rich and a little aged women.

Find a genuine male escort website like

In NightlifeClub Boys you can find 100k’s of verified male-escort profile

According to your desire, you can choose between our premium escorts.

If you have trouble to choose a suitable companion then contact our agent they will sure help you to choose the right gigolo.

You can directly contact the guy or our agent will help you to complete the whole process.

Choose the location, fulfill your fantasy.


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Only High Profile Clients

All Meetings In Hotels

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Introduction meeting in public place.

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Apply For Male Escort Jobs

Please contact our escort team if the information you require is not here. Our male escorts are between 18 – 45 years of age, fit, good looking, well presented and with charming, fun personalities. Their incall facilities all have an array of refreshments, including soft drinks. To be a part of us you can simply scroll up and request a callback.

Hire Gigolo Service

Each of our straight male escorts is caring and discreet. They will not rush you. They will be appropriately dressed for any occasion from a casual dinner date to accompanying you to formal events. If you special requirements with regard to style of dress, please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to browse our website.

Join Gigolo In

You can browse the website and find perfect gigolo for you. We have profiles from all cities of India. Just call our helpline or fill up the callback form. Our agents will call you as soon as possible. You don’t have to pay anything for booking.

Escort Service

Our Gigolos are very carefully selected. We make sure that they meet your requirements. A Callboy can gives you a classy and natural friendship you want. You will feel comfortable then.

Gigolo Job

In most countries, we offer more gigolos that shown on our website, and all of our escorts are willing to travel. So even if you want a gigolo in New Delhi or Bangalore or Chennai, we will arrange it.

Male Escort Job

This website was created to fill up the gap between women looking to find gigolo and men looking to offer their time in return for money. This escort website is the  most visited in the industry and continues to grow daily.


Frequently Ask Any Question Here

Question : In which city of India can I get the best male escort services?

Answer : You can get male escort service in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bngalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Surat etc. NightlifeClub offers escort registration in most of the cities in India. If your city is not listed then please contact our agents.

Question : How can a woman find a male escort?

Answer : Women can find Gigolo by completing the following steps:

(A) Find a genuine male escort website like

(B) In NightlifeClub you can find 1000’s of verified male-escort profiles.

(C) According to your desire, you can choose between our premium escorts.

Question : Are male-escort and gigolo the same?

Answer : Yes, Both are the same. But gigolos in NightlifeClub are more handsome, they have a good physique than our male escort.

Question : How to become Male Escort/Gigolo?

Answer : Click the Registration button to register as a Gigolo in India. Fill out all your details in the registration form. Verify yourself using the Email verification link (You may check the Spam/ Junk folder). Pay the Registration Fee.

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